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Socrates in his time did not use the written language. He actually lamented to his acolytes that the reliance on writing would damage human memory and make people, in essence, boring. When placing us in context, most of human history has been without writing. Humans are 300,000 years old. And this isn’t humanity living in caves, bashing rocks, and cooing at fire.  This is humanity as we know it today with brains that are just like the brain you are using to read this. But those humans didn’t write things down, as far as we know. They remembered everything at least up until the time of Socrates.  He was deeply concerned that we would start the process of forgetting.  And forget we did.

Forgetting is now being seen as a form of learning. Dr Tomas Ryan and Dr Paul Frankland propose that forgetting isn’t about losing memories but about no longer having access to them. And the environment plays a role in us having to adapt the memories that we have access to and don’t have access to.  We learn for specific purposes and those lessons may not fit every experience. So we must forget in order to adapt. I wonder what humanity has forgotten? How much information has gone lost because our brains are not equipped to remember the things that our ancestors remembered. But do these memories reside in the collective unconscious as Jung thought.  Beyond just a fear of snakes and an avoidance of fire but an understanding of celestial realities and how we connect with one another. Memories of how to work the land, rely on it, and listen to her. We have collectively forgotten more than modern society will ever know.

Is there a way to access this knowledge? Is this global spiritual awakening a part of our collective unconscious?  There’s a legend about one of my favorite crystals, Lemurian, also known as seed crystals. The story goes like this. The ancient Sumerians were here basking in all of their wisdom and knowledge and collectiveness and a race of people from Mars, a planet of masculinity and war, traveled to Earth. The Lemurians were a feminine and knowledge drive group. The communal nature of the Lemurians welcomed in these travelers from Mars. And their society was destroyed for their efforts. But the Lemurians in a last ditch effort hid their collective knowledge and wisdom in these tiny stones and planted them all throughout the planet. They wanted to make sure future generations would have access to their knowledge. Obviously this is just a story. But might there be some truth to a collective knowledge base that resides deep within our own bodies programmed into our every cell?  I know this is taking a real woo woo turn.

But we’re more connected to we think to the esoteric. And I think our ancestors knew that. They had a balance between the hard science and the soft science and the spiritual. For example the progression through the equinoxes. And how every 2150 years or so on the vernal equinox our planet will face a new constellation. We will soon be entering the age of Aquarius. Where our planet on March 19-21 will be facing the constellation Aquarius. And with this transition will come and embodiment of the animistic characterization of Aquarius. We will be basking in intellectualism and feminine energy. We have just exited the age of Pisces which was typified by religious zealotry and was ushered in by the birth of Jesus Christ. Before that was the time of Aries which was a time of war and the destruction of societies like Egypt. Before that was Taurus which was a time full of expansion and plenty which was typicified by the time of Egypt. Before that was the time of Gemini where we were learning language and traveling the globe and collaborating. Gemini known for his intellect in quickness and adaptability. And before that the new neolithic era typified by the time of cancer which was a time when we learned to be agrarian to set routes to lean into cancer‘ feminine birth energy. Hard science, history has always mirrored the world will the spiritual the esoteric. It’s all connected and they knew it.

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