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Tired of feeling tired? Here's how to fix it

I just read an article about something that I have 100% been going through. And I know I’m not alone. Over the past few weeks I’ve been feeling more sad, tired, my brain fog is back, and genuinely just hopeless. I thought I was the only one. Then I read an article that talked about resilience fatigue. How so many of us have kept up so much optimism throughout this entire pandemic and now there just isn’t any energy left. If you find yourself in a place of resilience fatigue know you’re not alone. Here are a few recommendations that can help take off the edge.

Hit the self care hard

Start by getting out of the house as much as is safely positive. Take walks or head to your favorite scenery and embrace it; spend time in nature. maybe consider a staycation. Listen to music you love, watch a movie, read your favorite book. Reconnect with people you may have pushed away over the past few months out of stress or just because life has been so busy. If all of that feels like too much, start by spending five minutes every day doing something that improves your mood.

Say no

I know you may feel like a bad guy but it’s totally ok to set boundaries and say no. Because resilience fatigue is closely related to compassion fatigue. Those of us who take care of others are really hitting the wall right now and sometimes you just have to say no to make sure you have the energy to take care of yourself so you can take care of this in the future.

Laugh more

This might seem like an easy one but when times get hard laughter might come a little bit more slowly. Watch some of your favorite comedies or hang out with a person that is absolutely hilarious. For me, that person is my sister. There isn’t a moment she can’t brighten.

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