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Your Guide to the Ultimate Self-Care Staycation

Written by: Emma Grace Brown of

Everyday stress might feel like background noise in your life, but it can cause serious physical and mental damage. It’s important to find ways to take care of yourself and lower those anxiety levels in order to live a truly healthy life. An affordable self-care staycation can give you a break from your daily grind and help you achieve inner peace. Dr. Ally shares this guide to help you get started.

Find a Great Place

A staycation doesn’t mean you don’t deserve a change of environment. Indeed, finding a great vacation rental in a part of town that interests you can give you the escape you need while still saving on other vacation-related expenses. For example, neighborhoods like Santa Monica and Venice Beach can help you explore fun and exciting parts of the city while staying near the ocean. While Central LA offers opportunities for fine dining, shopping, and enjoying a concert or Lakers game.

Commit to Healthy Habits

Did you know that a vacation is a great time to start a habit change? One of the hardest parts about building new habits is trying to fit them into our usual routines. A different schedule and different environment give you a fresh slate to build a new habit that you can then bring back to your everyday life.

You can use this to build good habits, break bad ones, or both. For example, many people resolve to quit smoking during vacation. This works well since they’re away from the usual triggers and stressors that lead to cigarette use. Pick a positive change (or several) to commit to on your self-care retreat.

Take Time to Plan Long-Term Self-Care

Although most of your staycation should be spent having fun and relaxing, you should also take some time to make plans for your long-term self-care. Schedule an hour or two toward the end of your staycation and dedicate that time to figuring out what kind of self-care techniques you can use to help you manage stress going forward.

For example, you might decide to visit a spa for a relaxing massage. Massage has many benefits including reducing stress and muscle tension. Other options include meditating or heading to a local yoga studio for a class. Or perhaps you’d just prefer to curl up with your favorite book. Whatever stress-reduction method you choose, make sure to incorporate it into your life once you’re done vacationing.

You don’t have to go to a far-flung destination to get a break from your everyday grind. We hope this article helps you plan the self-care staycation you deserve!

Need to find balance and achieve mental wellness? Partner with life coach Dr. Ally as you strive toward self-discovery and personal growth. Book a free 20-minute consultation today!

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