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Vincit qui se vincit, She conquers who conquers herself.

I have a saying that I often repeat to myself and share with my clients, Vincit qui se vincit, pronounced (winkit qwi say winkit) which translated from the Latin means she conquers who conquers herself.  Simply stated, a person who overcomes their shortcomings or challenges, who is able to control their emotions and subsequent behaviors has won a pivotal battle. Whether we are working to align with your true purpose, shift your perspective of the world, or using neuroscience and human behavior to create an authentic market position for your company, we will collaboratively begin winning life's little battles.     




I'm Dr. Ally, I have my Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology,  I am a Mental Health/Relationship Expert, and a Television Personality but beyond that, I'm a purpose finder.  Using my skills in human behavior I transform people's lives by creating strong connections to what motivates them most.  When working with brands I am constantly keeping them focused on authentically presenting themselves to target audiences in a way that aligns with their purpose.      

As long as I can remember I've always wanted to do all the things.  Child me wanted to be a neurosurgeon and between surgeries, I would design people’s homes and make their lives more beautiful (oh the limitless mind of a child).  I was in awe of the complexity of neuronal function and loved watching people’s behavior transform when they were in the presence of something they found beautiful.  I knew there had to be some connection.  My obsession paid off because I learned the rhythm between interest and authenticity.  People naturally aligned with the things they loved.  My new goal was to figure out what people liked.  From beautiful designs to life-changing messages.   

My work is rooted in evidence-based research and current market strategies.  I've used my research on minority women, cosmetic surgery, and the impact of media on body image to directly impact the lives of women through workshops, individual coaching, media work, and hands-on mentoring.  I have been featured on a few different networks and shows including Family or Fiance on OWN, Access Hollywood Live, Love and Hip Hop Hollywood, and MTV to name a few.  Mental wellness and human behavior weave themselves throughout every creative moment of life. Let me help you clarify your life and your brand.  Let me help you DOUX you! 





"Dr Ally is beyond amazing at what she does, she is more than just creative.  When I attended "WEAR Will You Go Next".  I didn't know what to expect but I knew I didn't want to leave the same way I came.  After the women's empowerment workshop, I felt stronger and confident that I could accomplish the goals set before me.  I'm reminded daily of Dr. Ally's words. 'The best way to start is by decluttering unnecessary things you don't need including things in your wardrobe.'  I can't thank you enough for her encouragement as a woman and as a sister!"


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