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Month of Mindfulness

Mindfulness is the act of being present. What that means is it the act of paying attention to what's happening right now, and now, and now. Why should we even strive to exist in the present moment? It allows us the opportunity to gain control over ourselves. Have you ever gone from totally calm to beyond livid and had no idea how you got there? Well, you wouldn't be alone. Mindfulness allows you the space to control seemingly automatic actions like this. Mindfulness is a journey and it starts with baby steps and grows into a regular practice.

We live in a world where "multitasking" is reinforced and distractions are rampant. So, it's never been more important to create a mindfulness practice. That's why I'm dedicating the month of October to mindfulness. The practice I would like us to focus on first is mindfulness through your 5 senses. Our senses are how we as humans interpret our world. It's the way the external world interacts with our internal world. So, as you go through your week focus on one sense per day and choose unique experiences that will allow you to explore that sense. For example, on taste day eat your favorite meal and focus on every flavor, the texture, how does it feel against your cheek or your teeth. Treat the experience like you've never done it before.

Download the mindfulness form and let me know how your mindfulness through your 5 senses is going.

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