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The benefit of living, a soft, slow life: reducing stress, and enjoying life

Updated: Feb 27

As the oldest daughter, I have a lot of responsibilities, and therefore, also a lot of stress. But over these past few months, I’ve been battling some minor health irritations—nothing major, just irritating health problems. And it has helped me to see the benefit of rest.

Rest hasn’t been something I’ve done a lot in my life. I’m usually busy with work, family obligations, and other tasks that keep me constantly on the go. But now that I’ve been forced to rest due to my health issues, I understand its value so much better. This experience has led me to an emphasis on soft living.

What Does It Mean to Live Softly?

I understand the conversations around privilege and soft life—so many are unable to do so. But I am grateful that I have the flexibility and opportunity to live softly now. To me, living a soft life doesn’t mean you avoid the realities of life or don’t work. It means you embrace and enjoy slowness when you can. It means you obsess over small things that just make you happy, because you can. It’s not about withdrawing from life, it's about adding to it—with soft, enjoyable, delightful activities.

Here are some ways I think we can all aim to live a little softer:

- Take time to enjoy the little pleasures - Savor your morning coffee, take a bubble bath, curl up with a good book. Appreciate the sensory joys.

- Slow down and reduce stress - Don't rush, take time to breathe. Declutter your schedule and just relax sometimes.

- Make self-care a priority - Do face masks, get a massage, take naps. Your health and wellbeing matter.

- Spend time in nature - Go for walks, sit outside, immerse yourself in the natural world. It's calming and grounding.

- Be mindful and present - Practice meditation, yoga, mindfulness. Stay focused on the current moment.

- Do what makes you happy - Take up hobbies, cook comforting food, dance. Make joy a regular part of life.

- Cultivate optimism - Focus on the positive, practice gratitude, surround yourself with what gives you hope.

- Nurture connections - Spend quality time with loved ones, have deep conversations, show people you care.

- Embrace coziness - Light candles, wrap yourself in a blanket, create a peaceful environment. Comfort feeds the soul.

My Soft Living Journey

So my new activity has been looking for the best vegan croissant in LA. I'm determined to find the perfect fluffy, buttery, plant-based croissant for my Sunday morning treats. I've been visiting new bakeries every weekend, slowly savoring each croissant with coffee. Not only has this mission introduced me to charming cafes all over the city, but it's encouraged me to take joy in the little things. I look forward to croissant Sundays each week—a new, soft adventure.

This week I found myself in Beverly Hills at Chaumont Vegan bakery. I tried three different croissants. I had a croissant sandwich with vegan egg and vegan cheese. Absolutely delightful! Then I brought two croissants home; one orange and chocolate the other rosewater. My husband and I split them and my favorite was the chocolate orange. His favorite was the rosewater. But they were just about equally delicious 9/10.

Chaumont vegan

I hope sharing my thoughts inspires you to find more softness, simplicity, and joy as well. It takes intention, but integrating little relaxing rituals and feel-good moments into each day can make life so much sweeter. What are some simple ways you like to live softly? I'd love to hear your self-care secrets and favorite slow living habits! Let's embrace the power of soft.

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