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Priceless Advice for Managing a Mid-Life Crisis and Unlocking Your Potential

It doesn't always take a catastrophic event to set off a midlife crisis. No matter where your crisis began, there are ways to overcome and find deeper meaning and motivation in life and work. Here's how to deal with a midlife crisis.

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Refresh Your Career Prospects With an Online Degree

Many factors can trigger a midlife crisis, but the clearest symptom may be feelings of being stuck. Because so much of adult life revolves around work, a stagnant career could be a driving force in your crisis.

One way to refresh your career is by expanding your education. If you’re a busy professional, start looking at the options. Online degree programs offer an avenue for learning that leaves time for work and family obligations.

Compare tuition rates and check for accreditation before signing up for a degree program. Options like accounting, business, communications, and management may prove worth the investment. Plus, these business-oriented degrees will build skills that make you more effective in the workplace.

Yet learning new things does more than open up your career prospects. Pew Research found that most adults prioritize lifelong learning — such self-reported perspectives even corresponded with higher earnings and education levels. The feeling of accomplishment after learning something new is a beneficial motivator, too.

Pivot in a New Professional Direction

Whether you pursue advanced education or not, changing professional directions is a possibility. Many professional skills translate across industries, notes Indeed, and your primary challenge in finding a more rewarding job is standing out among hundreds of other job seekers.

Showcasing your skills and background requires a comprehensive resume that conveys your expertise. Revamping your job duties into key accomplishments is one way to overhaul the contents of your resume.

To design a stellar resume, click here for a free online resume builder. Select a professionally designed template, then customize it to highlight your qualifications and match your personality.

Embark on an Entrepreneurship Path

When you experience a midlife crisis, many emotions and influences are at play. One common feeling is a lack of purpose, whether due to life changes or a mental block. In either case, the path toward entrepreneurship can serve as a healthy outlet.

Growing a business isn't easy, but putting in the work means a payoff down the line. Entrepreneurship is a long game, so dedicating daily effort to your business venture can fill otherwise empty time and provide a financial boost, too.

Remember, though, that even driven business owners need downtime. Overdoing it could undo much of your hard work, so take time to reflect as you grow your business.

Dabble in a Rejuvenating Hobby

Hobbies are a healthy part of every stage in life, but during a midlife crisis, discovering a new hobby could be restorative. Any pastime that gets you outside and into the fresh air is healthy. Plus gardening has a rejuvenating quality that many people appreciate. Psychology Today confirms several mental health benefits of gardening, including opportunities to connect to others.

Growing something in your backyard or windowsill planter could be rewarding and serve as a bit of a distraction. Start small with a few plants, and see where that takes you.

Read up on resources created by the gardening experts at before getting your hands dirty. A bit of know-how (and the right products) goes a long way toward growing a garden you can be proud of.

It may take time to get past a midlife crisis, but the path toward improvement involves more than simple distractions. Going back to school, finding a new, more rewarding job, or diving into gardening as a hobby can change your outlook on life — positively impacting your future. All you have to do to start battling a midlife crisis is take that first step toward unlocking your potential.

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