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Jack of All Trades

Dr Ally media expert
Dr Ally filming for OWN

I’ve been rewriting my bio. It’s never easy to talk about yourself so I’m relying on things written by consultants and other authors. It’s wonderful to see yourself through the eyes of another. But as I read I’m taking in my transformation. I started as someone kinda forced into a career. My family is very focused on education and doctorates are a right of passage. We almost all have one. But I was always the creative, the meanderer, the wild child. I think they felt like the degree would calm me down. Instead it burned me out. When you place a glass enclosure over a fire it goes out. I was going out. So I left graduate school exhausted but full of very exciting knowledge. The trick was figuring out how to blend my artistic wackiness with this science. So I decided to focus on the art within the science of psychology. Integrating my love of beauty and aesthetics, television and film, and consulting into psychology.

But the road isn’t always easy when you find yourself living in the margins. People don’t know what to do with you or how to classify you. So if you find yourself in between the in between give yourself a break. You are a firebrand, a maverick, a creator and your time is coming it may take a little longer but it’s coming. The development of a multi passionate reminds me of the development of language in multi lingual children. Children who grew up in homes where multiple languages are spoken speak a little later than their counterparts in single language homes. However when they do start speaking their fluent in multiple languages at one time. Their brains are hyper creative and able to connect ideas between cultures. The multi passionate are the same way. Society has sought to put us under glass, points a finger and says, “Jack of all trades, master of none, you can’t succeed in this world.” They neglect the second half of this quote. It’s almost as if society didn’t want to give us any credit. The full quote is, “Jack of all trades, master of none, often times better than a master of one.“ If you find yourself in that margin where I find myself a multi talented and multi passionate individual give yourself grace. The line connecting everything is you!  You are the secret sauce.

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