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20 Valentine's Day Ideas For The Creative

Valentine's Day is quickly approaching and you may be panicking because you're just not ready. Well, take a deep breath and do something creative rather than typical. Most V Days are all the same. Wake up to breakfast in bed, get flowers at work, come home to dinner and chocolates, then maybe a little something extra. Or you might be that couple that travel every year to some far off location, jealous, I'm not talking to you guys. Then there are the rest of us that just watch a movie on the couch in our sweats. Here are some fun, not so Valentin-y, things to do that will keep your day memorable and unique.

  • Try a trip to the museum. There's nothing more romantic than looking at Picasso's paintings of his greatest lovers.

  • Take some time to smell the roses while on a long long hike.

  • Remise on the best moments of your relationship.

  • Take a trip to the library and find poems that remind you of one another.

  • Not everyone has a significant other so plan a girl's slumber party...have gifts and snacks.

  • Go to the spot where you first met (this may take some planning).

  • Do an arts and craft project.

  • Touch each other...nothing sexual. Sometimes we fall out of synch with one another and just require that oxytocin release.

  • Head to a location you both love, park, beach, pool, and meditate on one another and your future.

  • Plan the next year of your lives together. What's more romantic than goal setting.

  • Pack your bags, take Wednesday off work and drive in any given direction and stay the night. Hotel Tonight is a great app for spur of the moment trips.

  • Give someone else a beautiful V Day by volunteering at a homeless shelter or soup kitchen.

If all this gooey stuff isn't exactly your cup of tea then try this list.

  • Go racing!

  • Kick some butt together at a UFC gym.

  • Get some of your ladies together and do a little pole dancing.

  • Take a workout class together.

  • Go climb a mountain.

  • If you're an out door loving couple then try these glamping locations around Cali.

  • Cali has had a lot of weather and we've gotten some amazing snow so head up to the mountains and hit the slopes.

  • Learn how to cook your own Valentine's Day dinner.

I hope you each have a ridiculously fun and love filled Valentine's Day. It doesn't matter if you're in a relationship or not spend the day focused on love.

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