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Kindred Collective

March 15, 2024-March 17, 2024

Through connection, we are healed. 


About the event 


Ojai, CA

Make space for your spirit to breathe during our sacred women's retreat - a loving invitation to reconnect with your inner wisdom. Nestled in nature's sanctuary, this is a loving space for your soul to unwind and harmonize with inner wisdom.


Through gentle yet powerful rituals of breath, movement, nourishment, and sisterhood, you will shed the layers of worldly weight that have obscured your inner light.


Emerging clarity and spiritual renewal will guide you to live from your soul's compass with renewed energy, purpose, and peace.


​We choreograph this mystical weekend to honor your spiritual rhythm and intuitive needs. Take refuge in a loving community and activities infused with the healing power of presence.


Give yourself the gift of remembering your whole, holy essence. Emerge renewed and realigned to live your soul's calling with grace, clarity, and joy.


Divinely held,


Ally & Charah

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