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From Womb to Wound

A Mother Wound Workshop

May 11, 2024 

Soho Warehouse

1000 S Santa Fe Ave

Los Angeles, CA 90021

You're the rock, the anchor, the North Star others look to for guidance and stability. But constantly putting everyone else first has left you exhausted, depleted, running on fumes.

The painful truth? This likely stems from an age-old "mother wound" - patterns of neglect, abandonment or emotional void in your earliest maternal bonds.

It doesn't have to be this way forever. This 4-hour premiere experience gives you permission to:

✨ Unravel the knots of selfless overgiving tied from childhood

✨ Speak your truth and set firm boundaries without guilt

✨ Nurture yourself and refill your own cup for once


Isn't it time you had someone tending to your needs, cherishing you the way you cherish others? This is your sacred portal to break the cycle. There are only a few spots available for the "Womb to Wound Mother’s Day workshop." - Please sign up NOW to claim your seat in this healing circle.

I only have a few slots, and not everyone will be able to attend, but you will stay on the list for the next one. 


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