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How Trauma Bonds Ensnare People

You may wonder how trauma can be paired with bonding. In fact, the bonds between traumatic experiences and love can be quite consuming and toxic. I want you to think back to the last time you were very frightened. Maybe you nearly avoided an accident, maybe you didn't avoid it, maybe you witnessed some violent act. Well, one of the first things people want after something frightening or traumatic is connection. You call your mother or a close friend to help you feel safe again. Consider a scenario where the only person you are close to is the person that traumatized you. What do you do then? You cope. People in these situations may cope through blaming themselves, harming others, or

7 Ways Stay Sane In A Tech Filled World

If you're anything like me, you totally obsess over technology. I've been ready for this since I was in elementary school. I remember when I was 9 I transformed a 4x3in metal box into a tiny laptop computer with some paper, marker and glue skills. I also remember telling my mom that I didn't need my school books because they would all be on floppy disks one day. Don't judge me I had to work within the confines of technology at the time. But one thing little sage Ally couldn't predict was how the next wave of tech would impact our psyches. We all know the symptoms, anytime anyone's phone rings or dings we all look at our hand, any vibration is a message, many conversations are ruined by

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